Football prediction analysis

Sport betting is all about making a prediction and placing a wager on it to win. This has been the major motivating factors for punters however; there are some that bet for fun. It should come as no surprise that betting in recent times generated a large amount of revenue especially from the football betting.
So how can you ride the profitable wave of football betting?
Start by asking yourself questions like:
Why am I losing bets continuously?
What are the strategies I need to win?
What are others doing that made them win more?
To have the right answers to your question there are certain information that you need to have at your fingertips about what you are putting your money into. You also need to follow certain strategies and principles that make football betting more profitable for people.

Types of bets in football


The 1×2 is also known as a 3-way bet. This type of bet gives you the option to bet on any of the three possible outcomes in football game. The 3 possible outcomes can either be:

  • A win for the home team
  • A win for the away team
  • Game ends in a draw

Double Chance

Double chance is another style of football betting which is also common. With double chance you will have the opportunity to consider 2 out of the 3 possible outcomes. This is made as a pair when placing the bet.

  • A win for the home team
  • A win for the away team
  • A draw

It turns out to be a win for either the home or away team and a draw. The two outcomes that are paired are the win + a draw for either of the two teams. Once the one you choose win or draw, you automatically win the bet but if the other team wins, you lose the bet.
There is a much reduced risk of losing your stake but odds are usually lower compared to a win-only bet. Bogdan bet prediction is a real chance to win bonus.

Draw No Bet

A Draw no Bet is a betting style with no opportunity to win if the game ends in a draw. If you bet on a team and they win the match, you win your bet, but if it goes in opposite direction, you lose your bet. A draw means your stake will be returned.

Over / under

The Over/Under betting type works by following possible outcomes.
Let’s illustrate this with an example:
A 2.5 Over betting means both teams will score over 2 goals in a game. “Under” means there will be less than 2 goals in total in that match. At full time, if there are more than 2 goals in total when you chose the ‘over’ type, you then win the game, but if the final results are less than 2 goals, you’ll lose your bet.

Both Teams to Score

Success in this type of bet only depends on the likelihood of both teams scoring in the match. It doesn’t matter which team wins or which one loses. What’s important is for both teams to score. You also get the opportunity to cash out your earnings even before the game ends.


The handicap system might be difficult to understand for those that are just starting out. However, we’ll try to break it down as much as possible.

Level Handicap

The level handicap is a zero-goal handicap applied when there are no perceived disparities in teams’ abilities. In this case, the betting sites will apply an equal handicap value to each team.
To win you bet, you need to stake on the team you predicted to score more goals.
If the game comes to a draw, your stake is refunded; but a win for the other team means you lose your bet!

Single Handicap

A notable or perceived disparity in the teams’ abilities causes bookmakers to place a single handicap on the stronger team.
The handicap is usually placed on the stronger team (either positive or negative).
For example, a -0.5, -1, or -1.5 goal difference might be placed on Chelsea against Watford.
To win in this bet type, a -1 goal single handicap placed on Chelsea means the team needs to score 1 goal more than Watford at the final whistle. If a draw happens however, your stake is returned. A win for Watford means you lose the game.

Split Handicap

In split handicap system, there is no perceived disparity in the abilities of the two teams. Thus an equal handicap is split between the teams. Team A might be allocated a 0 or -0.5 handicap. If you choose this as your bet, the team must win for you to win your bet. In case the other team wins, you have lost your bet. A game draw means your -0.5 will be lost while the 0 stakes returned.

Research before betting

Information enlightens and empowers you. To be successful in betting, you have to know the sport inside-out and understand that your favorite team will not win the game every time. Information basically gives you the opportunity to understand what you want to place your money on. It plays a significant role in your success with betting. A good research is there to give you this information.
When you are informed about the sport and team you are planning to place your money into, you are confident about your betting decisions.
However, building a winning football betting strategy is not a day’s job. You have to do this over consistently. All the same, let’s look at some important things to consider before placing those bets!

Team form

Keeping abreast of current team form is another major strategy that helps you make the right betting decisions. When you are well informed about, say their last 5-10 matches, you are likely to make an more accurate prediction.

  • Number of scored goals
  • Number of conceded goals
  • Team possession

Home and away records

It never hurts to find out how well both teams performed against each other the past before placing a bet. Previous stats give you a clear picture of what to expect in upcoming matches between the same teams.
Home and away match history of both teams should be noted and evaluated to make a proper decision. When team X seems to play better in the past with other teams with a win always but with the opposing team in question, they always secure draw, placing your stake at this is more of a risk considering X to win.

History between the two clubs

The present teams form might be influential but the place of history can’t be overemphasized. Match history between the two teams always plays an important role when it comes to making your predictions.

Team news

Team news is another important factor that helps make a good bet on game outcomes.
For starters, find out how well the team line-up is faring. Some key areas to research on are:

  • Suspended players
  • Players who are injured
  • Players you haven’t been confirmed


Coaches and help to inspire football teams to perform more, but the players themselves need to be self-motivated. When players are not motivated, performance is always affected. This could result in disappointing results.
For example, in a situation where the best player in a team is injured, the team morale can be affected hence the game results.
When the experts have this information, they consider as an influencing factor for the likely game outcome. This must also be considered by punters before placing a bet. You can have a good idea about player motivation by following football teams’ matches actively.


When you understand if the team has a tight schedule or tired, you are likely to make the right decision in predicting if they will win or not. There might be plans to rest some players because of the fixtures.

Common football betting mistakes

There are some recurring mistakes bettors make when placing bets that you need to avoid if you want to increase your chances of success. Here are a few major ones:

Misunderstanding value

Misunderstanding value is a major reason why most punters lose their bets. Value is not about personal opinion but a correct interpretation of the available information, statistics and prevailing trends which affect the concerned teams.

Betting with emotion

Emotional betting is a major decisive factor that influences several people in their decision towards betting. This is one major issue that affects several bettors because of their passion for football. It simply makes them bet blind. This is a mistake that is known to affect people’s decision or opinion about placing a bet.

Following the crowd

“Crowd mentality” affects the everyday betting decisions of punters. That’s because it can influence the bettor’s emotion or understanding of right odd to pick. Following the crowd in most instances lower the success.
Here are two reasons why it’s a terrible idea to always go with the majority:

  • Most bettors lose more money on betting sites than they gain
  • If too many bettors place stakes on a particular outcome, the value of the odds decrease

Sticking with losing systems

You need to understand that as a punter, it’s not quite smart to stick to a single strategy. You need to learn about other options. Most importantly, avoid sticking with losing systems.
No single proven strategy gives 100% success rate all the time because football is a very unpredictable sport. It’s important for you to stay focused and resilient to achieve betting success.